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After taking their name from a Lawrence Ferlinghetti poem and recording
the first song ever written about Jack Kerouac’s iconic American novel,
On The Road - discover the band that has been described as the bridge to
the Beat Generation and instrumental in ushering the music of the sixties
into the 1970’s and beyond. For more than four decades, Rex Fowler
and Neal Shulman have been writing and performing songs that helped make
their generation’s musical memories, all the while inspiring a generation of
young singer songwriters.

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Now playing: A medley from Rex & Neal's
CD, Days of Horses:
Days of Horses, Better These Days,
Scotty Moore, Bill Black and Elvis,
and Everybody Knows.
"Fans of the duo's harmony-driven tunes
and easygoing acoustic guitar
riffs will recognize their
James Taylor-meets-Simon & Garfunkel sound.
What's new is the mood. This album sits back
on its haunches as Rex Fowler
and Neal Shulman look back wistfully
at American pop culture and their own
ride through it." Boston Globe


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