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Aztec Two-Step Second Step Two's Company
Adjoining Suites Times Of Our Lives Living In America
See It Was Like This
(An Acoustic Retrospective)
Of Age Highway Signs
Live & Rare Plums Days Of Horses
Time It Was The Persecution & Restoration
of Aztec Two-Step
Cause & Effect

Concert DVDs

35th Anniversary Concert
Live at TCAN
15th Anniversary Concert
With Very Special Guests

Documentary DVDs

No Hit Wonder
The Aztec Two-Step Story
200 Cadillacs
Rex's documentary film tracks down
recipients of Elvis' gifts of choice.


Aztec Two-Step Songbook & Anthology
Complete words and music plus a cool anthology

Rex Fowler Solo CDs

Dreamers Dream,
Writers Write
Paper Hearts
Trains 'n Rain
'n Attitudes
200 Cadillacs
Documentary Soundtrack CD
Songs For Kids
Of All Ages

Rex Fowler Sports CDs

A Golfer's
Christmas Carols
A Fisherman's
Christmas Carols
A Sports Fan's
Christmas Carols
A Baseball Fan's
Christmas Carols
A Football Fan's
Christmas Carols
A Guy's
Christmas Carols
A Golfer's
Nursery Rhymes